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Junhyun Sin

Greg Miller

Katie Kozarek

Renee Elsdon

Kitty Chang

Winston Win

Mario Sargac

Structural Engineers

Jeffery S. Falero

Stratton B. Newbert

Christian Heimple

Jonathan Wong

Michael Hughes

Chad Green

Lee Ishida

Regina c. Pau

Michael Chester Jewsbury

Construction Managers

Andreas Roubies

Ewan McEarern

Lori Huneryager

Debbie Hor Wan Sit

Jonghoon Kim

Yuning Wang

Brooke Barrett

Cheng Jinxing (Jim)

Roger Lee


Forest Flager

Christina Cho

Kit Fleming

Course Assistants

Teaching Team 

Renate Fruchter - Stanford University 
Course Instructor and Coordinator, Emerging Information Technologies Lecture Series, Labs/Assignments 

Mike Martin, UC Berkeley 

Helmut Krawinkler, Stanford University 
Structural Engineering 

Ronnie Borja, Stanford University 

Vicki Vance, CalPoly 
Structural Engineering 

Greg P. Luth, Krawinkler, Luth, and Associates 
Structural Engineering 

Dan Fischer, Fluor Daniel 
Structural Engineering 

Anne-Marie Duffy, Bechtel 
Structural Engineering 

Clyde B. Tatum, Stanford University 
Construction Management 

Martin Fisher, Stanford University 
Construction Management 

Russell Clough, Stanford University 
Construction Management 

Paul Chinowsky, Georgia Tech 
Construction Management 

Jim Bartone, Barnes Construction 
Construction Management 

Tom Neidecker, Barnes Construction 
Construction Management 

John Macomber, Macomber Construction Co. 
Construction Management 

Olga Stoian, Cisco 
MEP and Facility Management 

Laurie Siebert, Therma 
MEP and Facility Management 


Hans Bjornsen 
Paul Teicholz 

CE Department

Jeffrey Koseff 

Stanford University - Owner

Geoffrey Cox 

New Projects - Call for Bids


Pacific View Project

Atlantic Coast Project

Mountain Ridge Project

Island Resort Project

Mississippi Riverbank Project

Central Project

Lake Project

Express Project