CEE222/122: AEC Global Teamwork

Architecture/Engineering/Construction + MEP + LCFM


Proficiency in Building Modeling:

Sketchup and REVIT



Participation in CEE222 AEC Global Teamwork course
is contingent to the 1:1 interview with Dr. Fruchter.

         Please sign up for the interview October 1-November 10




At the interview you have to either demonstrate proficiency
with Sketchup and REVIT or sign up for the BIM class in Fall.

         To demonstrate your proficiency with Sketchup and REVIT, please
model the simple daycare center illustrated in the following files:



        Floor Plan

        North Elevation

        South Elevation

        West Elevation

        East Elevation


        All Views

         Please bring your Sketchup and REVIT models to your interview.

         If you have questions, email the course instructor or course assistant